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  • Mar 23 / Boys TennisStafford High School - 6, Mountain View - 3
  • Mar 23 / Boys SoccerStafford High School - 1, Courtland - 0
  • Mar 23 / BaseballStafford High School - 12, Albemarle - 10
  • Mar 23 / Girls LacrosseStafford High School - 21, Brooke Point - 2
  • Mar 23 / Boys LacrosseStafford High School - 3, Brooke Point - 26
  • Mar 23 / Girls TennisStafford High School - 7, Mountain View - 2
  • Mar 22 / Boys TennisStafford High School - 8, Chancellor - 1
  • Mar 22 / Girls TennisStafford High School - 9, Chancellor - 0
  • Mar 21 / BaseballStafford High School - 3, Colonial Forge - 6
  • Mar 21 / SoftballStafford High School - 5, Colonial Forge - 1
  • Mar 21 / Boys SoccerStafford High School - 0, Colonial Forge - 0
  • Mar 21 / Girls SoccerStafford High School - 0, Colonial Forge - 8
  • Mar 21 / Boys TennisStafford High School - 3, Colonial Forge - 6
  • Mar 21 / Girls TennisStafford High School - 8, Colonial Forge - 1
All content by Jonathan Jardines
On top of grading, planning, and managing behaviors, Stafford High School teachers have a knack for cooking.

SHS Staffers Share their Savory Specials

by Jonathan Jardines, Ghost O'Hara, and Alex Babilonia March 9, 2023

  The Smoke Signal has curated a myriad of recipes from Stafford High School teachers who love to cook. They were willing to share the beloved foods – from robust chicken soups to delectably...

Go for the Game Awards

Go for the Game Awards

by Jonathan Jardines, Reporter December 7, 2022

  With 2022 swiftly coming to an end, it is the time of year where gamers from around the world begin to look over 2022 as a whole. Singing the praises of games that have brought so many of us...

The Pokemon of Our Past

The Pokemon of Our Past

by Jonathan Jardines, Reporter November 22, 2022

What do you think of when you remember your childhood? The thrill of a new day, the excitement of the bell dismissing you from school. Coming home after a long day to do your favorite things, playing games...

New Policy Problems

by Jonathan Jardines, Reporter September 30, 2022

Along with any new school year comes a cavalcade of changes, from all new teachers to class changes, every year feels like a new adventure. However, every now and then a change comes about that makes school...

Zelda’s Disheartening Delay

by Jonathan Jardines, Reporter May 18, 2022

After almost five years of rising anticipation, gamers around the world were ecstatic to hear during 2019’s E3 that gamers would receive a sequel to the hit game Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild....

The long awaited release of Elden Ring has left the gaming community in
awe of just how intricate the game truly is. With all the content packed into
it, Elden Ring will have a place in gaming history.

The Regal, Rapid Rise of Elden RIng

by Jonathan Jardines, Reporter April 26, 2022

After three years of rising anticipation, FromSoftware’s newest title, Elden Ring, has shocked the gaming community. The game was received with great praise on both YouTube and on various gaming magazines...

Microsoft Strives For a Monopoly

Microsoft Strives For a Monopoly

by Jonathan Jardines, Reporter February 22, 2022

As the new season for video game production rolls in, many gamers around the world lie in wait for the top-of-the-line games that will be flooding the shelves. However, the traditional world of gaming...

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