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With 2022 swiftly coming to an end, it is the time of year where gamers from around the world begin to look over 2022 as a whole. Singing the praises of games that have brought so many of us joy these long 12 months.

 The Game Awards have long served to honor games for their ingenuity and creativity, with over 30 categories and awards given out each year. From best soundtrack to best performance, it seems as though there is an award for every aspect of game design. Yet, standing above the rest is the prestigious Game of The Year (GotY) award – a badge of honor worn by a select few games that have made their permanent mark on the history of gaming.

After two rather underwhelming decisions in 2020 and 2021, this year’s game awards have presented us with a reason to be excited. The 2022 Game of the Year all but promises to join the likes of Overwatch and The Witcher 3 in the halls of reverence among games.

With only one tantalizing day left until the Game Awards, two games have crescendoed above the rest in their chance to win the coveted GotY award; Fromsoftware’s Elden Ring and Santa Monica Studios’ God of War: Ragnarok. The monumental impact that both these games have had on the gaming community has led many to wait for Thursday with bated breath.  

In addition to all of the reminiscing, The Game Awards serve to herald the arrival of the big games of 2023 as well. With titles such as Final Fantasy 16 and Street Fighter 6 expected to make an appearance, theories are abundant with what big news we can expect to hear tomorrow. Yet, whatever happens – be it delight or upset – you can bet that the eyes of millions around the world will be glued to the screens in anticipation.