The Pokemon of Our Past

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What do you think of when you remember your childhood? The thrill of a new day, the excitement of the bell dismissing you from school. Coming home after a long day to do your favorite things, playing games and watching TV. All of these activities are cemented in the childhood memories of everyone, and for many of us, playing Pokemon was a big part of those cherished times. Since its release in 1996, Pokemon has gone on to be a staple in the lives of many. Whilst the franchise premiered as video games; Pokemon has gone on to spread like wildfire into almost every form of entertainment under the sun. Releasing on April 1 1997, The Pokemon Anime became anything but a joke, going on to reach audiences in ways the games could only dream of. I can still remember clear as day; coming home from Elementary School and making a beeline to my DS to play Pokemon Pearl. For nearly thirty years, gamers have had experiences similar to my own. Even some of our parents have played these games, it goes to show that no matter their age, anyone can find joy in these games.

Despite all the changes over the years, everytime we hear the news of a new game, fans all over the world roar with excitement to experience that wondrous feeling only gotten when playing these games.”When I’m playing the older games I always get a nostalgia from the old sprites and the music me feel like all I have to worry about is catching some bug pokemon and fighting the next gym leader.” says Molly P. .The community has taken the challenge of these games way beyond just “catchin’ em all”, from Nuzlocke challenges { A challenge in which specific rules are applied to make the game more challenging } and Speedrunning, the community has still found a way to find joy from games made even before they were born. Yet even through the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia, people still seem to find their issues. From a lack of challenge to an underwhelming visual design, people have time and time again criticized the series, questioning ideas and wondering if the seemingly infinite well of potential and possibility has run dry.

With the rising buzz about the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on November 18th, the community has become aflutter with equal parts worry and excitement over whether or not it will live up to the grandiose expectations set in the past. However you can always bet that when a new game releases, that feeling of childhood will flood over the fans like a waterfall,  and if only for a brief moment, it will wash away all the worry and doubt, and make us all feel like kids again.