Sayonara Seniors!

Advice from those who came before you is just the start.


For every walk of life, it always helps to have advice from those who walked before

As we count down the days till graduation, new emotions fill the air. Laughter and chatter saturate the halls as plans for the summer can be heard all around. For many these final days are just roadblocks; pointless days barring them from the joys of summer. Yet for the seniors of SHS, this stands as something more, a final countdown till the end of an era. An unpredictable first step toward the rest of their lives and for some, that first step will change their life forever.
Yet no matter what step you take next in life, a little wisdom from those further down the road can never hurt. Be it the workforce or the classroom each and every one of us will find ourselves in a new environment and adapting to that environment can be tough. Yet luckily, through the guidance of two seniors who once stood in your shoes, this process may not be as hard as you thought.
Jaden Walker (Class of 22’) is currently undergoing college through Germana, over the last year he has come to understand college and its unique challenges. Whilst many see college as just another form of school, Walker has learned a key difference between high school and college.“A lot of people in high school get caught up in just completing the assignment and don’t really learn the information. In college it’s important to learn, after all you can get hired for  a diploma but it won’t mean anything if you don’t know what you are doing,” Walker said.
Walker’s take on college comes with some unique insights, “If you are going to community  college make sure you take advantage of all the services they provide, by working with the people there and using their guidance to make college less complicated and more fulfilling.” When asked what single piece of advice he could offer the seniors of SHS he offered,“It’s better to get a C and understand the topics than to get an A and not learn the material.” He adds, “college is ultimately about you learning knowledge to help you succeed, not just passing the class to get a diploma.” But, there are some who chose a different path in life. They get up at the crack of dawn, putting on a uniform. They spend their day dealing with clogged grease traps and annoying customers to earn their wages. This may seem like a punishment fit only for a convict but for many this is just your average Tuesday.
For people like William Wellman, this is just how they make money, but don’t write it off just yet. The prospect of forgoing the hefty financial burdens of college and earning money as soon as possible is very appealing to high school students. This however comes with its own set of challenges, from finding a job to maintaining a healthy work schedule, working immediately after High-School can be tough. Even if you decide to go down this road, finding a job can be even more difficult than actually getting hired. When asked about his experience with this, SHS 2022 graduate William Wellmans said,  “when looking for a job, it’s important to know what you are worth. But when first starting off, take what you can get, starting small with part time can help you get a start in the working world.” Despite all the challenges those who choose this path may face, it can lead to great growth within a company without the need for student loans.
For every walk of life, it always helps to have advice from those who walked before. No matter what step you choose to take next there will always be a bright future for those who work to see it. After 4 years of hard work and dedication it is finally time for all our seniors to see that bright future for themselves. From all of us on the Smoke Signal, we sincerely wish the class of 2023 good luck on their journey toward a brighter future.