How to Pull Off the Aesthetic You Want


Growing up, I went through a lot of awkward phases when it came to the clothes I would wear. I’m sure we all went through an awkward fashion phase – unless your mother was Paris Hilton. But for the ones that don’t have a fashion icon as a mom, let me help you.

When trying to achieve that look you want, it is important to know what that looks like. There are certain items needed for certain aesthetics in order for people to recognize what image you are trying to achieve.

For example, when wanting to look like you just hopped out of the 90’s (aka streetwear style), you need to wear something that is more baggy; a tight, waist-fitting jean that is wide legged with a baggy shirt. The most important piece for streetwear is the shoes. In order to really embody the style, Nike shoes or Air Jordans are nearly a requirement. 

Another aesthetic is Y2K. When trying to look like you came from the 2000s it is key that you have on something low-waisted or a velvet tracksuit. Mini purses were also very important.

If you’re going for the alternative style, then I strongly recommend wearing skirts, ripped tights, cargo pants or sweaters. Make sure it looks like you hopped out of a super cool video game. 

     Aydrie’s tip: Try to have your own signature. For example, maybe you always wear an eccentric necklace or whenever you put together an outfit you always have on a pair of glasses. Trying to make an outfit more ”you” should always be the goal. It’s like staying inside the lines while also going outside them. 

When trying to achieve a certain aesthetic it’s all about trying to make sure people know what you’re going for, while also feeling like it’s you and not something you got directly off of Pinterest. Overall, the biggest part of finding your aesthetic is which one feels most comfortable to you. If you don’t like wearing skirts, then don’t force yourself because you want to have a certain image. Feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing is crucial. If there is a style you want to achieve, go for it. Always make sure you’re mending that style around what you think fits you best.