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Freedom of expression through school-sponsored media is a fundamental principle in our democratic society granted by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The mission of any institution committed to preparing responsible and productive citizens must include teaching students these values, both by lesson and by example. As preservers of democracy, our schools shall protect, encourage and enhance free speech and the exchange of ideas as a means of protecting our American way of life.

Students best learn critical thinking, decision-making and civic responsibility when they can apply what they have been taught.

Most importantly, within the Stafford High School journalism program, senior editors who have been trained as journalists by SHS media advisers shall determine all final content of student media.

Each medium should provide a full opportunity for students to inquire, question and exchange ideas.

Content should reflect all areas of student interest, including topics about which there may be dissent or controversy.

Student media advisers will not be prevented from teaching professional standards of English and journalism to student journalists. Student media advisers may not be terminated, transferred, removed, or otherwise disciplined for carrying out such actions.

Students shall be able to express political expression on school sponsored student media. This shall not be deemed the use of public funds for political purposes.


School officials may only prohibit student expression that:

      1. is libelous, slanderous, or an unwarranted invasion of privacy
      2. violates federal or state laws, rules or regulations
      3. incites students to violate federal or state laws, rules or regulations; or violates school district policy or   procedure on harassment, intimidation or bullying as defined by state law; or creates a material and   substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school. The material and substantial disruption of the   school must be based on specific facts, including past experience in the school and current events influencing   student behavior, and not on undifferentiated fear or apprehension.


Expression made by students in school-sponsored media is not necessarily the expression of school policy. Neither a school official nor the governing board of the school or school district may be held responsible in any civil or criminal action for any expression made or published by students in school-sponsored media.


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