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Fourteen Gifts for the Fourteenth

Valentines Day gifts for anyone on a budget.
photo by Laleshka Rodriguez

February is the month of love and affection, or at least it is for the people who actually have someone to spend it with. People all around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by spoiling their valentine with gifts, special dinners, and even trips to places around the world, but what if you can’t afford big and expensive gifts? What if you are in a financial situation where you can’t afford to splurge hundred of dollars on gifts? Here are 14 gift ideas for the 14th. 

Origami bouquet 

  • Origami Flower bouquets can be given as an alternative for huge flower arrangements or that can cost anywhere from $50-$100. Unlike real flowers these origami bouquets can last someone a lifetime with no parish. They are a cost efficient way to show your love for someone regardless of how much money you have. 

Bae basket

  • Bae baskets can be for both women and men, these bae baskets can include anything from self care items, like candles, scented lotions, and perfumes, to indulgent goods like candy, soda, and donuts. The items in these baskets can be found at the dollar store, walgreens, walmart, and/or any department/grocery store you can think of. 


  • Any person would feel special receiving flowers from someone they care about regardless of the price. Flowers can be bought at almost any grocery or department store. These flowers are pre-packaged with a nutrient additive to help the flowers last longer. These flowers can cost anywhere from $5-$15. 

Warm meal

  • Food is said to be the way to the heart. Being a full time high school student and having a part time job can be pretty stressful. Imagine coming home, expecting to be alone and thinking you’re going to have  to scavenge for food but instead finding out your mom and boyfriend/girlfriend are there making you food. Getting a nice home cooked meal and getting to spend time with the person you love, sounds like an amazing idea to me.

Bake a dessert 

  • Sweets and sugar are almost everyone’s favorite things. Baking your significant other cookies, cupcakes, or any other sweet treat can be used as a display of affection. Recipes for all different and delicious desserts can be found on the internet. Simply searching valentines dessert recipes can give you hundreds of ideas. 

Romantic set up

  • Setting up a romantic setup in someone’s room is both cost efficient and makes someone feel special. Knowing someone took the time to plan and set up something so special for you both makes you feel loved and appreciated. Setting up a romantic setup in someone’s room only takes about $20-30 that will be used to get balloons, rose petals, and small gifts, maybe even a poster to write them a giant note. 

Chocolate covered strawberries 

  • Chocolate covered strawberries are a valentines day classic. They are sweet yet semi-healthy at the same time. Strawberries can be found at almost any grocery store for $5-$10 and any chocolate can be used. Chocolate covered strawberries are both cheap and yummy. 

Hand written poem/love letter 

  • Taking 20 minutes to sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper to write down how you feel about someone isn’t that hard. Writing them a letter telling them about how much you love and appreciate them is both cheap and romantic. It’s a meaningful gift that the person can keep forever. 

Scenic picnic 

  • Packing a basket with food and sweet treats to enjoy while sitting on a blanket watching to sunset is both relaxing and romantic. Being able to sit in silence enjoying the never ending beauty of the sky while also enjoying the presence of the person you love is a gift in itself. 

Stuft animals and balloons 

  • Running to the dollar tree and buying five cute and romantic balloons will only cost you about seven dollars with taxes. Then going to Walmart and picking up a $10 stuffed bear is both easy, the bare minimum, and cheap. These simple gifts will make your significant other feel important and appreciated without you having to spend a lot.

Scavenger hunt 

  • Getting some friends to help you set up a scavenger hunt that leads to a romantic picnic that includes all your favorite foods and desserts. All the delicious drinks that you love with the person that you love. 

Custom blanket

  • This option is a bit on the pricier side of things, but you will be getting your money’s worth. A blanket can last someone a lifetime, a blanket is something someone will use almost every, if not everyday. They can take it with them in the car, can use it to sleep, and use it when you’re cold around the house. It is an awesome, long lasting alternative to spending money on a trip. 

Matching pajama sets 

  • It is every girl’s dream to have someone that will match clothes or Pajamas with. Walking around, showing everyone that you’re locked in. Matching Pj’s are both cute and affordable. 

Valentines day explosion box 

Buying cardboard nesting boxes from amazon that are only $15, gluing pictures of cute moments between you and your significant other along the insides of the box, throwing in some gifts, and cutting the edges of the boxes so when you take the top off of it and its an explosion of memories and love.

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