Donnis the Pitbull Terrier

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  • photo by Alexander Babilonis

Donnis the Pitbull is welcomed as the newest edition to the SHS Pubs for Animal of the Month. Donnis is best known for his kind nature towards other people. Although loving towards people, he doesn’t care for other animals in his domain. Besides that, Donnis will show affection to others and will warmly receive it. 

Donnis is a pitbull terrier who has been in the shelter since December 10, 2021. Donnis is one of the longest dogs that have stayed in the animal shelter. Sadly, Donnis was surrendered by his previous owner and untaken by any other potential adopters because of an illness he previously had. He had a bump on the back of his foot that was cancerous. Many people disregard him because of that but that shouldn’t stop someone from adopting him.

Welcome Donnis as the newest animal for this month! You can find him at Spotsylvania County Animal Shelter on 450 Tv Drive, Fredericksburg. You can call them at (540) 507-7459 with adoption days being Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm-4pm. He only has an adoption fee of $85.00. Come and adopt him today!