“Flawless Like Me” Review

Deep dish pizza and bad football aren’t the only things that Chicago is known for. The windy city has always been a buzzing center of hip hop and rap culture with legends like Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, and Chief Keef, all hailing from Chicago. Although bolstering big names, Chicago hasn’t waited for anyone to catch up as it continues to pump out young talents in the rap scene. One artist, however, stands out. Lucki Camel Jr. has erupted not only on the Chicago scene, but on a national stage as well. 

Lucki’s recent album, “Flawless Like Me”, dropped September 23 and had 25,000 total sales in the first week. Although an impressive number, it’s surprisingly low considering the singles leading up to the project that brought in millions of views. 

Lucki has carved a path for himself, gaining fans due to his unique delivery and flow. Although fans are attracted to the hypnotic, free, and languorous sound, Lucki’s discography shows one of transformation. There are 11 albums in Lucki’s arsenal, with the first being released in 2013 under the name “Alternative Trap”. Through listening to these records, fans can see a pattern of newfound comfort and production in Lucki’s delivery. 

On this project we hear a “Flawless” production as well as bars that are up to par. Lucki tackles issues ranging from love to drug abuse, all while taking time to boast his flashy cars and money, and “floating” on whichever beat he chooses. At times, this album lacks lyrical fulfillment, and the beat selection bolsters some of the best trap beats made in all of 2022; with selections from BrentRambo, Tay Kieth, Bhristo, Goontex and more. 

The beats however couldn’t save this album from dragging on. 24 songs holding a listening time of 55 minutes makes this a bit long for a modern trap album. With so many songs, this album does not lack in terms of hits with “White house,” “Capitol Denim,” “13,” “Goodfellas,” and “Droughtski” being my favorites. 

All in all, Lucki showed us the highest level of his style of rapping on this project, and given his index I wouldn’t be shocked to see something completely different from him in the future.