Path to Relief

Hey kid, listen, I have something to tell you

I’m gonna try to make this quick, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you

Take a seat, some of these things will be hard to chew

It will be hard to understand, but I’ll try to give you some clues

Alright, I want you to look in the mirror

Think about all the things that leave you in horror

No, keep looking, don’t look away

Lock eyes with yourself, and follow what I say

Are you ready? Just move slowly and steady

You look like you’re ready to move on already

There’s no need to rush, this is very important

This isn’t a school assignment, its an assessment

I want you to turn on the water in the sink

Leave it on, watch it, just sit there and think

The water represents things that motivate you to stay alive

The drain represents where they are forgotten and begin to thrive

Now, drench your hands and wash your face

Those dry tears, well, they’re quite hard to erase

When you’re finished go ahead and take off your clothes

Leave the bra and underwear on so you aren’t exposed

Good, now head on back to your room

Don’t forget to turn off the water like you usually do

Change your outfit, you’ve worn the same thing for 2 whole days

Choose wisely, don’t put on pajamas as always

Get online and chat with your friends

Tell them about how you slept, it depends

You know you didn’t sleep well, but whatever

Those issues aren’t gonna last forever

Grab yourself a piece of paper, and a pencil

Write down all your feelings, use your potential

Note everything, make it existential

You feel inconsequential, but trust me it’s essential

It’s ineluctable, intractable, thoughts are incomprehensible

Living Inconceivable, improbable, it’s unironically remarkable

Going one emotion after another, it’s chronological

Times up, put the pencil down, your sanity is critical

Here we are, we’re coming to the end,

Clear your mind, forget about all your friends

They might not really care If you leave, I mean,

They don’t respond to the messages you know they’ve seen

You’ll need rope and a sturdy chair

The way you are treated isn’t fair

You won’t need to deal with that anymore

You can end it now, and end the war

God, what the hell am I doing?

Is this really the path I should be taking?

People keep knocking on my door,

It’s locked, I’m stuck in my own conscious

I’ve been consumed by my emotions

All the tears that I’ve cried,

They dry and soak into my face

Just to come back out again, I’ve tried

That’s it, I’m not doing it anymore

Things are bad now but there’s still so much in store

Someday, I’ll finally get to see the light

I’ll keep on battling, I’ll win the fight

I’ll put the chair and rope back where it came from,

Even better, I’ll burn it to ash while my mind is still numb

From now on, I’m gonna have to push past my core,

is that me or the fear talking? I’m not sure anymore