How To Create A Club: A Guide

There are several steps that need to be taken if you are interested in starting a new club at Stafford High School. After you have an idea for a club, you may want to start by planning a rough concept.

Some things that you’ll need to consider while you plan are the name, purpose, meeting location, and meeting time of the club. As you get further along in the process, you’ll need to fill out a form with these items, decide whether there will be club dues, and identify who will be in leadership positions. For your club to hold meetings, you will need a teacher or administrator to serve as your club sponsor.

Cecil Thomas, the president and creator of Table Top Club (TTC), started planning a rough draft of their club in 8th grade. “Getting a sponsor was probably the hardest part,” said Thomas, a senior. “It’s something TTC [Table Top Club] still struggles with since we’re a large club.” It’s recommended that larger clubs, like TTC, have a second sponsor, especially if they wish to meet during lunch. After you have a sponsor, you’ll have to work closely with them to schedule and plan meetings – the sponsor will have to attend all of them – and to get help when you need it. “I try my best to help the students and club members achieve their goals,” said Kathryn Tarr, an English teacher and the TTC sponsor.

Once you have all the necessary information, and a sponsor, you’ll need to fill out the required form located in Chistopher Dodd’s office. In addition to this form, you will also need at least 20 signatures from interested students. Once the form is complete, it will have to be returned to Mr. Dodd, where he will start the approval process. 

After your club is approved, the next step is to advertise. Some clubs, like the Latin and German Clubs, use the daily announcements. Others, like Battle of the Books and Horticulture Clubs, use posters to advertise.

 “I had our Vice President at the time create posters with a goofy dice mascot to hang around the building,” said Thomas. “After that, it was all word of mouth.” Now that your club is advertised and people are interested, all that’s left is to continue to run the club, plan meetings and events, and keep people involved.

It takes a lot of energy and being able to manage your time well, but the outcome is definitely worth it,” said Thomas. “Being able to see so many people who share a passion gathered within one area is such a wonderful feeling, truly.”