Anxiety Shakes Stafford County Schools


photo by Catalina Sanchez

After a year away, students returned to school only to find that anxiety might be a bigger challenge than school itself. In person learning coupled with rising covid cases among students, makes a feasible concoction for increased levels of student anxiety. 

Student anxiety has soared compared to pre-pandemic levels. Rising anxiety paired with students’ little knowledge on how to handle their emotions has also led to higher depression rates, according to

From the 6th to the 12th of September, a total of 100 students tested positive for Covid-19, countywide. In addition, during that same week, a total of 381 students were in quarantine, countywide, according to the Stafford County Public Schools Coronavirus dashboard.

No student wants to worry about getting covid, unfortunately, students don’t know who has and who doesn’t have covid. According to the Health and Human Services website, under the HIPAA, (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy rule, a students’ health condition is protected, which means students don’t know directly who has Covid. Students’ anxiousness could rise determining if they are safe from Covid.

For some, a trigger for their anxiety could be the overwhelming amount of people at school or others, it’s having to wear a mask, worrying about being exposed to Covid. Or it could be as simple as getting a good grade.

“I don’t like the vibes in this school”, senior Alexis Powers said. “As a senior graduating in December, I have no option but to stay in school and get my remaining credits.”

For students who are graduating in December, and wish to do their classes online, solutions are specific to each individual student and their academic situation.