Rosy, The Calico Cutie


Rosy Cotton, the Calico Cutie. Photo provided by: Stafford County SPCA

Our newest addition to Animal of the Month for March is Rosy Cotton. Rosy is a senior female Calico that loves to be around others, but tends to dislike dogs. Rosy is good with kids, but she is also a very talkative companion. She is known to have a bit of an attitude towards others, especially other cats or kids. She absolutely loves food, especially Greenies treats, but is a bit overweight at 13lbs. Despite being a chunky fur ball, she can be very energetic and playful but will never turn down the opportunity for a good nap.

Her adoption fee is only $75. and she can be adopted at the Stafford SPCA. If you are interested in adopting this furry feline, contact the animal shelter at (540) 657-7387 or for more information go to [email protected]. You can also find them at 140 Andrew Chapel Rd.