Tone Tags

Someone’s tone can be hard to decipher during a conversation, but over text, and without the other’s body language or voice, it can be even harder. The exclusion of these social cues can often result in confusion, conflict and miscommunication. Because of this, Tone Tags have become popular online. Tone Tags are acronyms, all of which include a forward slash, added at the end of messages to clarify someone’s tone. 

Common tone tags include: 

  • /j meaning joking
  • /hj meaning half joking
  • /srs meaning serious
  • /s meaning sarcastic
  • /lh meaning lighthearted
  • /t meaning teasing
  • /nm meaning not mad
  • /nf meaning not forced
  • /pos meaning positive connotation
  • /neg meaning negative connotation
  • /p meaning platonic 
  • /r meaning romantic