New ID Policy

Earlier this year, students sat for portraits that were to be used on their student identification cards. Due to faulty card printers, many ID’s were not available on the day. photo by Tanaia Traynham

The 2022-23 school year has seen the introduction of several new policies. E-Hallpass, a system meant to track the activity of students leaving the classroom, and FlexTime Manager, a concept with which teachers can register students for remediation during lunch, will soon be joined by a new ID policy. Stafford County Public Schools’ new superintendent intends on implementing a policy under which students will be required to carry their ID badges on their person at all times.  “Once we have picture day, we want students to have IDs on them, and it’s really to ensure safety in the building, “ confirmed Assistant Principal Benjamin Diggs.

Citing delays because of photo retakes, Principal Allen Hicks assumes that ID cards will be completed by “the beginning of October-ish.”